Solvents for oil colour

Both white spirit and turpentine can be used to thin paint and clean brushes. Turpentine is often used as a thinner, partly due to the resin-like odour that many artists find pleasant. White spirit is usually used for rinsing out brushes.

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Talens Rectified turpentine 032

Purpose: Thinning oil colour and cleaning brushes and other art materials
Composition: Portuguese gum turpentine (distillate from resinous balsam of the pine tree)

• Makes oil paint leaner (use in lower layers)
• Allows brush stroke to run
• Suitable for removing (dry) varnish coats
• Suitable for dissolving (natural) resins
• Also for thinning mediums and varnishes for oil colour
• Flammable

Available in 75 ml, 250 ml and 1000 ml.

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