Naples yellow by Nicolás Menza

Nicolas MenzaIt is a colour that I use particularly for the chromatic build-up of my work. It is delicate and of very fine quality. Its sublime character comes from the subtle nuances it gives when mixed with other colours, without contaminating them in any way.

It is a complete colour that can be used for neutralising pure colours, which results in subtle and vivid tones. It harmonises the look and feel of the composition in combination with blues, reds and ochres: its unsaturated character gives intensity without losing any of the quality in the colour nuances.

In my nudes I mostly use the colours Naples yellow dark, green and red, particularly when I paint the female form; it is a recurring subject in my iconography. Through combining these colours I discover and interpret that which I am searching for: the expressive and poetic qualities in the sparkling and velvety dimension of the light on the flesh and skin. It is this that defines the nature of my human figures.

Nicolás Menza, Buenos Aires – Argentina