Artists on colour

Our users paint with Cobra for all sorts of reasons. First of all, due to the fact that you can paint with Cobra without having to use solvents, but also because of the wonderful colours and comprehensive range. Below a number of enthusiastic users describe their experiences with Cobra, their styles and working methods, and why Cobra fits in so well.

Janneke van Loon

Cobra ambassador - Janneke van Loon

The idea of a new type of paint that meets contemporary possibilities and expectations attracted me as a challenge. After 5 years of painting I can say that Royal Talens has succeeded in launching a fantastic new paint. The paint that rolls stretched and firm from the tube onto the palette really justifies its name Cobra. You have to dare! In my experience you really need to become familiar with the paint. This new water-mixable oil paint works neither as an oil paint nor as an acrylic. Technically it reminds me more than anything of egg tempera, also mixable with water and oils. Straight from the tube Cobra paint has a firm structure, allowing you to work with it as a paste, and when half dry you can get some beautiful and unique mat (with water) or glossy (with mediums or oils) effects. Not only a strikingly wonderful pigmentation, but also a highly varied technical pallet is available for you to discover.

Mario Götting

Mario GottingFreelance artist Mario Götting has an art school in Mühlhausen, Thuringia. Here, from the heart of Germany, he travels all over central Europe lecturing and giving painting classes.

Good quality in terms of colours and mediums is paramount to Mario Götting. Cobra from Royal Talens is his favourite oil paint, primarily due to its strong pigmentation and lightfastness. What’s more, the paint is easy to work with due to its high quality. Unlike conventional oil paints, it is virtually odourless and no harmful vapours are released. This makes it better for your health and allows it to be used anywhere at any time.

With this paint Mario Götting can easily create, for example, glazed portraits in classical or modern style. But the Cobra oil paint is equally suited to the landscapes and his beloved semi-abstracts. For his motto "always take new paths" Cobra is the ideal companion. The wide range of colours, long durability and long drying time typical of oil paints are important for his experimental clashes with the image. In this way, from the interaction with what's being created on the canvas, a relationship can develop between the artist and the work of art.

Merel Jansen

I use Cobra, because white spirit is very bad for you and with Cobra you only need water. You don’t have to worry about anything else. And it works just like oil paint. Merel Jansen, artist.

 Merel Jansen