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The Cobra Study range consists of 40 strong semi-transparent, semi-opaque and opaque colours. They all have the highest degree of lightfastness (+++) and under museum conditions remain unchanged for at least 100 years. Cobra Study water mixable colours give the same fantastic results as traditional oil paints: the same brush stroke and hardly any change in colour as time goes by. And yet with Cobra Study you can paint at an affordable price. This is because we offer only the basic colours and use less pigment than in the Cobra Artist series.

Product | Cobra Study water mixable oil colours starter set medium

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Cobra Study water mixable oil colours starter set medium

Contents: 12 tubes 20 ml 105 titanium white 275 primary yellow 284 permanent yellow medium 311 vermilion 315 pyrrole red 369 primary magenta 504 ultramarine 572 primary cyan 619 permanent green deep 227 yellow ochre 411 burnt sienna 409 burnt umber

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