Bruynzeel Expression Colour

Coloured pencils: draw with the most vibrant shades
The colourings you make and the mandalas you colour are worth to last long. And while colouring you like to use colour pencils with a very good colour transfer. Bruynzeel understands this. The Colour-collection of Bruynzeel Expression helps you with colouring, as you don't need to press hard to add pretty colours to your colourings.

Bruynzeel Expression Colour is available in 3 tins. The smallest set consists of 12 basis colours. Comprehensive sets of 24 and 36 watercolour pencils contain these too, next to several other tints to add subtle shading to your drawings.

The core of a Bruynzeel Expression coloured pencil is 3.3mm, manufactured from quality pigments for very good colour transfer.