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Next to colour and graphite pencils Bruynzeel has artists pencils for special techniques and effects, bundled in a luxury set of 12 items.

Aqua-Sketch pencils look similar to graphite pencils, but they have a watersoluble core. Wonderful watercolour effects can be achieved by using water and a brush.

Charcoal pencils contain a core of charcoal, that can be used for detailed charcoal drawings without stains.

The sanguine pencils has a core of chalk with a reddish-brown colour. Great artists used this material to make their model drawings and sketches, like Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt.

Sepia pencils have a darkbrown core, which transfers a rich deepbrown colour. These sepia pencils are ideal for drawing landscapes.

The white chalk pencil can be used to apply contrasts or to toning down colours.

The tortillon is an instrument to smooth out chack, pastel and graphite, thereby creating silkier effects. Perfect for creating subtle colour transitions and shadow effects.

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Bruynzeel Design Specialties sanguine

Pencil with reddish core, particularly suitable for portrait and life drawings.

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