Bruynzeel Creatives Dutch Masters collection

This collection of four tins portrays different works of the great Dutch masters. The tins as well as the pencils, come in a matt finish wich results in a luxurious appearance.

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Bruynzeel,The night watch

The Night Watch of Rembrandt van Rijn | Colour Pencils
The Night Watch of Rembrandt van Rijn is a highlight of a visit to the Rijksmuseum. This was one of several halls of Amsterdam's civic guard, the city's militia and police. The captain, dressed in black, is telling his lieutenant to start the company marching. The guardsmen are getting into formation.

This scene decorates the exterior of this tin with high quality colour pencils. The pencils are manufactured from quality pigments for very good colour transfer. The handy tin makes sure your pencils are properly stored after colouring.

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