17 November 2016

Royal Talens acquires Danish paint producer Schjerning Farver

Apeldoorn / Ebeltoft - After the successful integration of Bruynzeel-Sakura B.V. in October this year, Royal Talens has now acquired Schjerning Farver A/S as of November 15, 2016. With this acquisition, Royal Talens has further reinforced its position as a leading player in artists’, school, hobby & crafts materials and colouring, drawing and writing products. Schjerning Farver holds a strong position with its eco-friendly, high quality products in the school, hobby & craft and private label market. Royal Talens sees this as a perfect addition to its portfolio in more than 100 countries worldwide.

A natural fit
"We are very happy with this acquisition,” says Ronald Benning, CEO of Royal Talens. "As co-member of the European Artists’ Colours Association (http://www.artists-colours.org/), we know Schjerning Farver under guidance of Jan Frandsen and his team for many years as a very professional and reliable Danish school-, hobby- and craft paint producer. We are glad that Jan will stay on as Managing Director of Schjerning Farver to continue to run the company with the impressive growth and sustainability path that he began years ago. We are also proud that the unique industry high standards for eco-friendly products, A-label and Nordic Ecolabel certified paint products for young children will now become part of the worldwide distribution network of Royal Talens.”

Jan Frandsen adds, “We already worked on several projects with Royal Talens and the mutual understanding about quality and the way we do business proved to be a natural fit from the very beginning. When Ronald approached me to become 100% part of Royal Talens, maintaining our way of working yet with far more opportunities to grow, I became really enthusiastic. Not only can we benefit from the distribution strengths of Royal Talens, also our laboratories, marketing-, purchasing- and engineering departments will tap in the knowledge and resources available in both companies. Becoming part of Royal Talens is an important step in securing the future of Schjerning Farver and its employees for the next 100 years. We will continue in the same name Schjerning Farver and maintain the same good relations to our customers”

Royal Talens
Royal Talens was founded in 1899 by Marten Talens, and is well known throughout the world among artists and hobbyist for its quality brands such as Talens, Rembrandt, Amsterdam, Van Gogh, Talens Art Creation, Cobra, Bruynzeel and for the Sakura products in Europe. The company is part of the Japanese Sakura Color Products Corporation, inventor of the oil pastel (Cray-Pas), gel pen (Gelly Roll), pigment fine liner (Pigma Micron) and pigment marker (Permapaque). The family owned Sakura group was founded in 1921 and is now a global leader in artists’, school, hobby & crafts materials and stationery and writing instruments.

Schjerning Farver
Schjerning Farver was founded in 1886 by Emil Schjerning, who at that time dealt in colours but was not satisfied with the quality. He therefore started mixing his own colours, which would meet his high requirements. His great-grandchild Birger Schjerning did the same in 1993, when he decided to develop quality colours without the use of solvents. Schjerning Farver has its own laboratory and mixes all colours themselves so that they can guarantee the contents and a uniform, high eco-friendly quality. Their mission continues to be flexible and to produce and deliver quality on time with all due respect for the environment and everybody’s health.