06 October 2016

Royal Talens partner of the Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum and Royal Talens have recently entered into a collaboration. As preferred supplier, Royal Talens will supply the Rijksmuseum with painting, colouring and drawing materials for the coming years. In addition, both parties will work intensely in education, knowledge exchange and developing joint products.

Taco Dibbits, general director of the Rijksmuseum: “"Learning by watching is the motto of the Teekenschool (drawing School) of the Rijksmuseum. Therefore Royal Talens is the ideal partner to develop educational opportunities with colouring products for young and old."

As part of the collaboration, Royal Talens will supply the necessary materials to the drawing school (Teekenschool) of the Rijksmuseum. What’s more, the pencils of Bruynzeel will be used from now on during the successful #hierteekenen-zaterdag and the annual event The Big Draw (8 and 9 October).

A first result of the collaboration is the Great Masters collection; four new tins with colour, water colour and graphite pencils inspired by a number of the most well-known works at the Rijksmuseum. This collection is available as of today at, among other places, the museum shop of the Rijksmuseum.

Ronald Benning, CEO of Royal Talens: “As a supplier of painting, colouring and drawing products, we have a deep appreciation of art and creative expression in particular. It is wonderful that we are able to further develop our mission with the Rijksmuseum."


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